Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers' at Arcada in St. Charles

Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers' brought his Branson Missouri show to the Arcada Theater in St. Charles Friday night March 30th. Bill and his group, along with his daughter McKenna Medley, performed several of the Righteous Brothers' hits.
Lots of music and some interesting stories.

Here's some of my Youtube video's of Bill's show.

Bill's Opening

"You're My Soul and Inspiration"

"Rock and Roll Heaven"

"Unchained Melody"

"My Friends, Family, and being a Grandpa"

"Time Of My Life"

"McKenna singing "Sun Flowers"

"Lovin' Arms"

"Little Latin Lupe Lupe" & "My Babe"

"Koko Joe"

A Little Story Time & "Old Friend"

A Little Country "Fallin' "

A Little Blues & Gospel!

McKenna singing Etts James "At Last"

Some 50's Rock & Roll; Fats Domino, Little Richard, & Elvis

Just a great night of "The Righeous Brothers' " & " Rock & Roll"!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"One Night Of Queen" at the Raue in Crystal Lake

Here are Gary Mullen and the Works with "One Night Of Queen" at the Raue Center For The Arts in Crystal Lake last Saturday Night on St. Patrick's Day.
You'll love them, lots of Rockin' Fans.
First here's a few photo's.

Here's the video's. (click on each)

"Somebody To Love"

"Another One Bites The Dust"

"David Brockett Solo"

"Fans Rockin' at the Raue"

"Keep Yourself Alive"

"Fat Bottomed Girls"

"Jailhouse Rock"

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

And that ends One Night Of Queen's Illinois visit for 2012.
Check out their site at

"One Night Of Queen" at the Rialto in Joliet

Friday Night it was Gary Mullen and The Works "One Night Of Queen" at the Rialto Theater in Joliet. Here's some photo's.

This is Gary, who does the Best "Freddie Mercury" I have ever seen. You'll see in the video's below.

Now meet the rest of "The Works"
This is Malcolm Gentles on keyboards.

Billy Moffat on the bass guitar.

Jonathan Evans on the drums.

And David Brockett on lead guitar.

Now a couple of photo's as Gary socializes with the audience.

You'll love the my youtube video's of the concert below. Just click on each one.

"Jonathan Evans Drum Solo"

"Fat Bottomed Girls"

"Love Of My Life"

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

Gary thanks all and starts "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

"We Will Rock You"

And Gary ends the show with "We Are The Champions"

And my friends, Lisa and Mark, hurry to get talk with Gary!

Be sure to check out Gary Mullen and The Works site at

Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Honor of St Patrick's Day a little Irish Music from the Raue last Saturday.

Here's some Irish dancing and music from the Ruae Theatre For The Arts last Saturday. This group is called Tartan Terrors and made their second appearance at the Raue. In Honor of St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy !!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lady Antebellum's "Own The Night" Tour at the Allstate 3-09-2012

Lady Anebellum's "Own The Night " Tour at the Allstate Arena Friday 3-09-2012 .

Thompson Square opened followed by Darius Rucker.

First a great couple who sat next to me at the Keith Urban concert,real "Country Fans".

Here's Thompson Square Singing "Glass"

And their big hit "You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not"

And Darius Rucker singing "Alright"

And Darius singing "Only Want To Be With You"

Lady Antebellum kicking it up with "Stars Tonight"

"American Honey"

And here's "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" (just click below)

And here's Lady A, Thompson Square, and Darius Rucker Jammin'

( Bottom two photos by Steve Koscik)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Australian Bee Gees at thr Rialto Theatre in Joliet

Here's "The Australian Bee Gees" at the Rialto Theatre in Joliet from Saturday Night.
First some "ROCKIN' " ladies.

And here's the boys! Maurice - Wayne Hosking , Barry - Wayne Hosking, Robin - Michael Clift. The group just returned from a gig at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

And a couple of my Youtube video's of The Australian Bee Gees.
(click on each)

Good Concert! Check out The Australian Bee Gees site at

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bela Fleck and The Flecktones at the North Shore Center For The Performing Arts

Friday Night it was Bela Fleck and The Flecktones at the North Shore Center For The Performing Arts in Skokie.

Bela plays acoustic and electric Banjos and leads the Flecktones, who use bluegrass,a fusion of Jazz, pop, classic, country, and other forms of music. Bela has received several Grammy awards and recently won a 2012 Grammy, along with Howard Levy, for Best Instrumental Composition for "Life In Eleven."

Howard Levy, harmonicist, pianist, composer, and producer won the 2012 Grammy award for Best Instrumental Composition along with Bela for "Life In Eleven." Howard was happy to be playing at this Center in Skokie because he lives in Evanston.

Victor Wooten has won the "Bass Player Of The Year" award from Bass Players magazine, three times in a row and Vic is the first bassist to win this award more then once.

Roy "Futureman" Wooten (Victor's brother) plays percussion with his "Drumitar", a modified SynthAxe rigged to play percussion music instead of a synthesizer.
A fiddle player, who's name I missed, join "The Flecktones " for a couple of numbers as you will see in the video's.
Ok, here are my you tube video's, just click on each.

Here's Bela and the Flecktones opener.

Bela and Howard's Grammy Winner "Life In Eleven"

And a Finally!

And two more pictures.