Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Bridges Eagles Tribute at the Arcada Theater

Here's the 7 Bridges Eagles Tribute at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles Thursday.
The guys include Brian Graves as Timothy B. Schmidt, Jason Manning as Glenn Frey, Keith Toma as Don Henley, Race Godson as Joe Walsh, Douglas Gery as Don Felder & Vernon Roop as Joe Vitale. 

And Here's the Video's 
Here's 7 Bridges opening "Heartache Tonight"(Click on each below)

"Life's Been Good"

"Witchy Woman"

"New Kid In Town"

"Hotel California"

"Take It To The Limit"

"Seven Bridges"


And this ended the 7 Bridges Eagles Tribute. Great concert at a great old Arcada Theater.
Perfect venue for a concert with close seating throughout and great audio sound.
Thanks to Ron Onesti and the Onestishows!! My next visit here will be for Lindsey Buckingham on the Tuesday September 4th. A few tickets are left.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Morning Jacket & Band Of Horses at Millennium Park

Wednesday night it was "My Morning Jacket" and opening with "Band Of Horses" at the Pritkzer  Pavilion in Millennium Park.

First some photo's and video's of the "Band Of Horses"

And 4 more video's at youtube. (Click on each line below)

And here's "My Morning Jacket"!!

And the video's of "My Morning Jacket"

Another great concert! Check out the "Band Of Horses" and "My Morning Jacket" web sites for great group information. And go to a concert at the Pritzker Pavilion because its a great setting and has great audio!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kenny Wayne Shepherd at the Viper Alley in Lincolnshire

Kenny Wayne Shepherd at the Viper Alley in Lincolnshire Saturday August 11, 2012. Blues at its best. Kenny can really crank!! Noah Hunt provides the lead vocals. Other members of the band are: Chris Layton on drums, Tony Franklin on Bass, and Riley Osbourn on B-3 & keyboards.

And here's my youtbe video's of Kenny at the Viper Alley.

And check Kenny Wayne Shepherd web for more info on the group.

Barenaked Ladies and Blues Traveler at the Wisconsin State Fair

Barenaked Ladies and Blues Traveler at the Wisconsin State Fair Friday August 6th 2012

First here's The Rockin' Old Man with Holly(The Hog Girl)

Now some photo's of a band called Sonic Circus!

Here are "The Kids from Wisconsin"!

And a little juggling!
Up next is the opening dude.

And then came "Big Head Todd."

Here's Blues Traveler!

And Barenaked Ladies

And my days at the Wisconsin State Fair end for this year. Good fun. good food, good friends, & good music. Be back next year!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coldplay at the United Center 08-07-2012

Tuesday it was the MYLO XYLOTO TOUR  at the United Center with Coldplay.
Opening was Charli XCX followed by Marina & the Diamonds.

First let's have a Coldplay PARTY!! Check all the giant balls and confetti!!

Here are 8 of my YouTube video's of Coldplay. (Check on each one below.)
Here's the Coldplay opening.

Of course I had to buy a T-shirt! And that little pink thing on the shirt was the light wrist band that everyone got and Coldplay's technical man controlled them as part of the concert.

Here's a short video of Charli XCX opening.

 And this is Marina & the Diamonds

 And some phots of Coldplay.

More video's Sunday ( My IPhone Data limit has been reached but a new month starts Sunday)