Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Salute to the Military Hero's On Memorial Day Weekend.

Here's the Chicago Parade for our Military Men and Women Hero's!!
Thank you all, past and present, brave Armed Forces for your defense of our Freedom!! 
And especially to my brother's, Dave and Chuck, who served in Korea and to my friend, Lexi's living father, who served in World War II.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's at Pfeiffer Hall North Central College 05-18-2013

 Here's Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's swinging at Pfeiffer Hall North Central College in Naperville Saturday Night.

"Why Me?" (click on each video they all take time to load) 

A little solo's by the boys.
"Zig Zag"

And a few photos!

Set List

Thanks Scotty, Andy, Dirk, Glen (the kid), Joshua, Kurt, Karl, Tony, & Alex!! You guys are Terrific!!

Check the BBVD web site at and get your tickets for their concert in Crystal Lake at the Raue Center For The Arts, October 12th.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Carrie Underwood at the BMO Harris Arena in Rockford 05-10-2013

Carrie Underwood w/Hunter Hayes opening from the "Blown Away" Tour in Rockford Friday Night!

Hunter Hayes opened and the ladies went wild,. Screaming and yelling "I Love You Hunter".

Here's Hunter's opening video. (Each video takes time to load just click on each)

And more Hunter!

And Hunter ends his set!

Now it's time for CARRIE !!

Carrie opens with "Good Girl" (each video takes time to load just click on each)

"Undo It"


"Two Black Cadillacs"

"Last Name"

"Jesus Take The Wheel"

"Cowboy Cassanova"

"Get Out Of This Town"

"Nobody Ever Told You"

"All-American Girl"

"One Way Ticket"

"Leave Love Alone"

"See You Again"

Here's a few Hunter Hayes photos.

And a few Carrie Underwood photos.

And on my way out. Great Concert !!

Friday, May 10, 2013

"America's Got Talent" auditions at the Rosemont Theatre

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday it was "America's Got Talent" auditions at the Rosemont Theatre.
More then 20 acts were voted throught to the next set of cuts in Las Vegas. 

Host Nick Cannon brought some of his comedy during the auditions and the judges were great, both with the contestants and the audience.
Judges, Howie Mandel (Comedian & TV personality), Mel B (Formerly with the Spice Girls), Heidi Klum (Fashion Model), and Howard Stern (Radio a & TV personality).

Before getting some Photo's & Video's of the auditions, here's the top seating friendly show coordinator, Stephanie.
And my "Neighbor For The Day" and good friend, John.
  Ok,Time for Nick Cannon and the Judges.

First Howard says a few words.

Ok Here's some contestants rehearsing.
High divers, one dude sets himself on fire before diving.(He did it before we arrived)
Some Taekwondo setting up..
Champion Ice Sculptors just finished.
Old men weight lifters.

And Nick has some fun.
Here are the Robots.

Precision Team.

Acrobats with lighted robots.

Watch for the judges and scontestants on "America's Got Talent starting in June on NBC. Chicago show should be in July.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Joe Bonamassa at the Chicago Theater Wednesday 05-01-2013

Blues great, Joe Bonamassa's fabulous Blues concert sold out at the Chicago Theater Wednesday to really enthusiastic Bonamassa fans!!

Joe brought several of his many guitars and cranked every one.
Here a short video of Joe's opening "Seagull" 
My videos of great Blues of Joe Bonamassa!! (Each video takes time to load, Just click on each. The wait is worth it!)

The Ballad Of John Henry (Part 1) (Click on each)

The Ballad Of John Henry (Part 2)

Set List