Monday, December 19, 2011

Paul Revere and the Raiders with Gary Punkett Christmas Concert at the Rosemont

Saturday evening it was "Paul Revere and the Raiders" Christmas Concert at the Rosemont Theatre.
Another old timer, "Gary Punkett" opened for Paul and the boys.

Here's one of Gary's big hits from the 60's, "Woman, Woman"

And one more song from Gary, "Young Girl" (click below)

And here's "Paul Revere and the Raiders". First up is:

"Just Like Me" (click on each below)

"Jingle Bells"


"Good Thing"


"Tom Jones - Delilah"

"Elvis - Blue Christmas"

"I'll Be Home For Christmas"


"Indian Reservation"

"Rock Rock Rudolph"

"Louie Louie"


and HAPPY HOLIDAY'S to all my friends and followers!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Zac Brown Band at the Sears Centre Friday 11-18-2011

Friday night it was "The Zac Brown Band" at the Sears Centre. Great Concert! Here's a few pictures.

Here's The Fans !

And my ticket
Opening for Zac were two young country singers, Zac brought with him from Atlanta. First up was Nic Cowan.

Here's two of my youtube video's of Nic. (click on each)

Next up was Sonia Leigh.

And two of my youtube videos of Sonia. (click on each)

And here's "The Zac Brown Band" (Click on each)

"Keep Me In Mind"

"Knee Deep"
"As She's Walking Away"

"Where The Boat Leaves From"

"Who Knows" (Part 1)

"Who Knows" (Part 2)

"Highway 20 Ride"

"The Devil Went Down To Georgia"

"It's Not OK"


Want more Zac? Check his web site!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ray Davies (formerly with the Kinks) at the Chicago Theatre

Friday night it was Ray Davies (former member of the Kinks) at the Chicago Theatre. It was not a sell-out,but loyal Ray Davies fans fulled the theatre and sang along to several songs. Ray opened with an acoustic set with several slow songs which didn't include some of his more popular hits. After that beginning the concert really picked up and the fans got into the moment, dancing and rocking to the music.
Opening for Ray were a young group from California called "The 88's". Here's a couple of their pictures and one video.

Here's "The 88's" my youtube video. (click below)

Check more on the 88's on

And here are my YouTube video's of Ray. (click on each)

Go to Ray Davies web, for more info and music.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

CHICKENFOOT At The Metro Saturday 11-05-2011

Here's CHICKENFOOT at the Metro Saturday night. A group from Atlanta, "Ponderosa", opened to a sellout, "packed like sardines", Rockin' crowd.Here's a few photos including my "Neighbor For The Night" Sarah (I think that was her name but it was hard hearing what she told me so if I'm wrong on her name I apologize).

Next concert Ray Davies from the Kinks!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Joe Bonamassa at the Chicago Theatre 10-27-2011

Joe Bonamassa, in my opinion, one of the great "Bluesmen" in the world today, played the Blues for over 2 hours Thursday at the Chicago Theatre. It was DOPE!!

Here's some photo's and my youtube video's.

And here's the start of my youtube video's. (click on each below)

And here's the "Ballad Of John Henry" (Part 1 and 2)

Just some of the best "Rockin Blues" you'll ever hear!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jake Owen & Keith Urban at the Allstate

Well finally after my trip to Reno, here are my Keith and Jake pictures and video's.
The Keith Urban concert with Jake Owen opening was Great! The concert on October 14th at the Allstate was a near sellout and was "Rockin".
First, here's my good friend , beautiful Lynn, as you saw in my previous blog, she is Teriffic.

Ok, here are a few pictures of Jake and Keith.

Here's Jake Owen video's (click on each below)

And here's Keith Urban! (Click on each below)

And Jake and Keith were on their way to Minneapolis! Another Great Concert by two Great Country singers!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jake Owen & Keith Urban at the Bradley Center

Thursday night was the Keith Urban Concert with Jake Owen opening. It was a great concert from these two terrific country stars.

Here's a few photo's and the videos, that I put on youtube are below.

And here's Keith videos on YouTube. (click on each below)

And that completes the Concert at the Bradley Center.

Photos and videos from the same concert at the Allstate will be up loaded after my return from my trip.

So in the week's wait, here is a picture of my beautiful friend, Lynn, who provides seating guidance at the Allstate. She is teriffic!