Friday, May 28, 2010

DAUGHTRY at the Sears Centre

Thursday Night it was Daughtry at the Sears Centre. I had a chance to tailgate before the cocnert with a bunch of fans. Check it out.

Met a couple of "Hottie" from the Tilted Kilt in Elgin. HOW SWEET IT IS!!!
Time to go inside and past my security friend, Dan, who I have known for a few years. Dan is one of the top Security guys at several of the area venues.
Here's Davo, the opening act. They were ok but I hadn't hear them before. (click on each video's arrow)

Next up was Lifehouse. These dudes Rocked.


And now the great 'Rocker' "DAUGHTRY"






Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is it!! Finally after several weeks of eliminating the less talented, we got to Lee and Crystal!! Both could have been this years IDOL so hats off to each of them!

Wednesday's American Idol Final began with Alice Cooper singing "Schools Out". Then Chris Allen, last year's Idol winner sang his new cd "The Truth".

Nine Seasons of Simon's video clip were entertaining.

Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly began a duet of "How Deep Is Your Love" and were joined by the BeeGee's. They sounded great.

Big Mike Lynche took the stage with "Take Me To The Streets" joined by Michael McDonald.

Dane Cook did a bit on Simon's greatest insults and was joined by some of the insulted contestants including one who wouldn't give up the mic so they cut to a commercial.

The top 6 girls joined in with "I Am Beautiful" and then Christina Aguilera entered and sang her new song from her Bionic CD called "You Lost Me". Wow she was terrific.

Ricky Gervais paid tribute to his dear friend Simon with some witty comments regarding Simons ton of money.
The final 6 guys sang "I Can't Go For That" and "Maneater" and that brought Daryl Hall & John Oates singing "You Make My Dreams". These dudes are as good as ever.

Crystal was joined by Alanis Morrisette and sang "You Oughta Know"and they both bounced around the stage singing the duet.

Carrie Underwood sang her new CD " Undo It" with a great group backing her up. It will be another hit for Carrie.

Then a surprise as Casey James started his guitar and sang "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and Bret Michaels, still recovering for his medical problems, joined Casey and these two dudes were "HOT".

Lee got a chance to accompany "Chicago" in a medoly of their hits. Lee might join "Chicago" at Charter One on Lake Michigan in July.

Another bit on Simon and himself in a mirror, kissing it.

Now my favorite old man, General Larry Platt with "Pants On The Ground", he was great!!

Paula Abdul took the stage and paid tribute to Simon and blew him a kiss and told him "to sir with love". Paula will be staring in a new sitcom later this year on Lifetime called "Drop Dead Dive". Several former American Idol winners took the stage and sang "Together We Are One" and Ryan asked Simon to join them on stage. Simon thanked several people and said he was nervous but stated that American Idol will find a judge and go on because the real judge is the viewers.

Janet Jackson, with a laser show backing her, performed "Trust In Me" and a song titled (I think) " Nasty Boys". She sure looks and acts like Michael.

Finally Crystal and Lee sang " With A Little Help From My Friend" and were joined by the legendary Woodstock survivor "Joe Cocker". Just perfect for Lee and Crystal.

Ryan brought Lee and Crystal together in the middle of the stage and announced the winner LEE DEWYZE AMERICAN IDOL 2010.
Well, thats a wrap. I hope there is a American Idol 2011. We'll see.

Side note "Daughtry " Thursday night at the Sears Centre.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Idol Final

And now its over. Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox squared off with three songs each. They each first selected their favorite song. Then Simon Fuller, the show exe, selected their second song. The third song was Lee and Crystal's pick of the song they would record if they win.

Lee was up first and sang "The Boxer" from inspiration week. The judges felt it was ok but not a song that brought enough energy and feeling for the finals.

Crystal chose "Me & Bobby McGee" from Billboard #1 week.Randy commented that it was "Dope", Ellen said it was compelling, Kara loved it and felt that Crystal had the "Fire in Her Belly", and Simon said it was terrific.

Round 1 to Crystal.

Lee's second song was R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts". Randy said it was a lot better then the first song. Kara said she liked Lee's emotion in the song, and Simon said it was a brilliant choice.

Crystal's second song was "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles. Randy said "Momma Sox is in it to win it". Ellen gave Crystal a standing ovation. Kara said she felt that Crystal "Really wants it", and Simon said "Crystal absolutely nailed it".

Round 2 to Crystal.

Lee's song that he will record was "Beautiful Day". The judges were split and Simon wished Lee well.

Crystal's last song was "Up To The Mountain". It will be a big hit when released, as will Lee's.
Randy said Crystal was an amazing singer and made her greatest performance. Ellen praised Crystal's uniquely beautiful voice and told her she is "Sooo good". Kara commented that Crystal was completely invested and did an amazing job. And Simon's last official comment to Crystal was that she sang the "Song of the Night" and was outstanding.

Round 3 to Crystal.

So I voted and while both will be big stars, I voted for Crystal.

Now tomorrow night we get the official AMERICAN IDOL 2010 and we also get to see Simon's last Idol's show. And maybe it will be the last American Idol ever. We'll see.

Carole King & James Taylor Troubadour Reunionat the Allstate

Monday night it was Carole King & James Taylor bringing their Troubadour Reunion to the Allstate. These great "Classic" performers delighted the sellout crowd with many of their songs. Here are a few video's.
(click on each video arrow)


One of the best concerts I ever saw. If it comes to your city, SEE IT!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Country ThrowDown Montgomery Gentry

Saturday night it was Montgomery Gentry's Country ThrowDown in Tinley Park. The concert began at 1:15pm and lasted til about midnight.

What a day !!

Here are some of the fans and of course "The Rockin' Old Man." These girls just got their chests signed by "The Lost Trailers."

And my good friends Debbie and Betty with her friend.

And Emily West, who appeared on Celebrity Apprendice and is an up and coming Country Star.

And some more fans.

Now for the Country Stars. In order following: Tyler Reeves,Emily West with Jonathan Singleton & The Grove, Lost Trailers,Eli Young Band, and Jack Ingram.

Heidi Newfield started Rockin' at one of the side stages. She is awesome!!!
(click on each video arrow to start)
Then Eric Church really got the fans goin' with his singing and energy. Watch this!!


And the terrific "Little Big Town"


Now it was Jamey Johnson and his beard.
And the night ended with Montgomery Gentry.


Monday night it's Carole King and James Taylor.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol Top 3 Results

The American Idol results show featured performances by the young Justin Bieber and the really talented new comer, Travis Garland. Travis' song and dance performance, "Believe" was TERRIFIC. This guy is GREAT!!!

It was nice that AT&T got their plugs in at all the Idol's homecomings.
So now I'll get my plug in. "THE ROCKIN' OLD MAN" was on the show too!!! Well maybe just a short glimace of him and his date in the crowd of 40,000+ at Lee's performance at Arlington Park Race track.

Ok on with the show. Casey James' homecoming was first. His visit to Millsap HS and his visit to the Hospital where doctor's and nurse's put Casey's Arm and Leg back together after a motorcycle accident when he was 21. The doctor's told him that he wouldn't be able to play the guitar again but Casey has probably been the best guitar player that ever appeared on Idol, he also was the oldest, at 27, to be in the top 24.

Crystal Bowersox was next with her hometown visit to Toledo. During her tour she got a chance to autograph a guy's chest. Crystal was presented with the Key To The City of Toledo by Mayor Michael Bell. Then a visit home to her Dad's house where she hugged her daughter and posed for a family picture. Then it was off to an event called "Bowerstock" at a local outdoor arena where she got to sing the song she wrote "Holy Toledo." The song has been adopted as Toledo's hometown song.

Lee DeWyze's Idol's homecoming saw Lee arriving in Chicago, going to a Cubs game and getting to throw out the first pitch. Then Lee had a parade through Mount Prospect and visited the Mt Prospect Paint Store where he was previously employed. A visit to his grade school, St. James, where he got to hug his first grade teacher as the school kids cheered.
A visit to his parent's house and then a trip to Arlington Park Race Track were over 40,000 fans cheered as Lee performed and although he was only going to sing 3 songs he ended up singing about 7 or 8 including Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer." What a great crowd ( check my earlier blog for video's).

Ok Ryan now announced the finalist. Lee was named first, and of course Crystal was named as his competitor for this year's AMERICAN IDOL.

While Casey James lost, Kara saw her boy thrill the fans with a final song, "Daughter's" and Casey picked up his sister and finished the song. Casey will have a good career after the American Idol's Tour ends. Great guitar player and a good looking dude.

Next week the showdown begins. Lee should win it all because he has matured to a quality performed. Crystal is very good also but second isn't bad either.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol Final 3

Tuesday began the final phase of American Idol. Casey James, Crystal Bowersox, and Lee DeWyze each had two songs, one they selected and one the judges selected for them.
My fellow blogger, Kevin Tor had Crystal and Lee as the finalist since early in the competition. I have agreed with him and it should end up with these two battling it out for this year's AMERICAN IDOL.
Ok, here we go.

Casey James opened with his selection of "It's Alright By Me." The judges didn't think it was a choice that Casey needed for a top performance. Simon said it was a "salad" and hoped Casey did better with the next song, the "Main Meal."

Crystal Bowersox picked Melissa Etheridge's (see my previous blog on Melissa's performance) big hit "Come To My Window" and the judges thought it was a good choice for her and that it was just ok.

Lee DeWyze (See my earlier blog on Lee's American Idol hometown visit)selected a Lynyrd Skynyrd song, "Simple Man" and was awarded the opening round by the judges who commented that Lee had brought it all and made a great choice of song and great vocals.

The second songs were selected by the judges. First up, Casey James. Randy and Kara picked John Mayer's "Daughter's." Randy and Kara thought it was good while Simon laughed during Kara's comments (I think he was laughing at the "Cougar's" expressions too) and he thought it was just ok.

Ellen chose Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed" for Crystal. Randy thought it was a great song and selection for Crystal. Kara said Crystal really "pushed it" and Simon thought it was terrific.

Simon selected Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" for Lee and it was TERRIFIC. Judge comments were; great arrangement, great vocal, stunning, and Kara said Lee "Owned the night."

All year I've been a Crystal Bowersox fan and thought she would win this years IDOL but.... Lee is now my favorite to win. He has blossomed into a truly top performer and I think he will get the votes to be the AMERICAN IDOL.

Casey will have a good career but doesn't compare to Crystal or Lee.
Well see tomorrow.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Melissa Etheridge Private Performance Monday

The "Rockin' Old Man" was invited to see Melissa Etheridge perform in a private concert Monday. Here's her new CD. Great music by Melissa so check it out! Melissa has also just received the Harry Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award presented by NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers).

The private performance was held at the S.P.A.C.E. venue in Evanston. 93XRT invited 140 guests to attend and Melissa was on stage about one hour. She sang a few of her songs including "Fearless Love" from her new CD. Melissa discussed her thought in writing some of her songs and her singing and guitar playing was Terrific!!

Here's the video of "Fearless Love."

(click on the video arrow on each video.)


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lee DeWyze' American Idol Homecoming Arlington Park

Lee Dewyze American Idol homecoming at Arlington Park Friday was unbelievable!! There was a crowd of about 40,000 (mostly girls) screaming like a jet engine revving up to take off. But it was a chance to cheer for a local celebrity, Lee DeWyze, one of three finalist on American Idol. So we start with some of the crowd. Check these pictures out. Three girls who are great fans of Lee.

One of the Arlington Security who had to handle this large crowd. She did a great job.
Of Course "The Rockin' Old Man" with his date.And More Lee fans.
And now some videos of the Idol's Star, LEE DEWYZE !!!

(click on each of the video arrows to start)

More Lee


"The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunfel