Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bull Riding Championship, Barrel Racing and JAKE OWEN

Two great Jake Owen fans were "my neighbors for the night." These girls have seen Jake several times and had backstage Meet & Greet passes and got autographed CD's. How cool!!

Then my other "neighbor for the night", was this country rockin' girl. The "Rockin' Old Man's" grandaughter.

Here's a few backstage pictures.

A few of the boys in the band. Here's Myron the drummer.

Here's Robbie Emerson bass guitarist.

Before Jake sings, here's some of the opening , bullriding, horse training, and barrel racing.

And now HERE'S "JAKE"

"Starting With Me"

"Fly Away"

A little Tom Petty~~ "True Love Is Hard To Find"

"Something About A Woman"

"Jessie's Girl"

"Apple Pie Moonshine"

Guess the name of this song! I couldn't hear it very well !

Sunday, January 9, 2011


No music today only PIZZA !! Here's a few pictures from The Chicago Pizza Tour !!

This is Jon, the originator and tour guide of The Chicago Pizza Tour. Jon really knows all about pizza and gave a great tour to 4 pizza parlors in and around the Chicago Area.
First stop was Pizano's in downtown Chicago. Owner by Rudy Malnati Jr. Pizano's served us a winner in both thin crust and deep dish pizza.

Next we hopped The Chicago Pizza Tour bus and driver Jim took us to Red Flame in the Lincoln Park area. Jon pointed out highlights alone the way, some of which were Soldier Field, Lincoln Park Zoo, Children's Memorial Hospital, the infamous Biograph Theatre ( Where Gangster, John Dillinger, was killed by the Feds) and through the DePaul University neighborhood. Red Flame featured flame cooked pizza that was unusually prepared and very good. One pizza with several different cheeses and one pizza with potato and chicken.
Here's Patricia, who waited on us, and Jon with Jack the Chef.

Next we headed over to West Town to the CoalFire, Chicago's Original Coal Oven Pizzeria, where J and the boys made their classic Neapolitan style pizza which they fire in an 800 degree coal fed oven.

Last stop on the tour was Gino's East, a legend with locals, celebrities, and visitors from all over the world. Gino's East served the mecca of deep dish pizza.

If you love pizza and want to try several different type's, try taking the CHICAGOPIZZATOUR. More information at Thanks Jon for the enlighting pizza tour!! You can check the individual pizza places on the web!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year to all my followers!!
The "Rockin' Old Man" enjoyed New Year's Eve at Vision's. Here's my Gold Wrist Bands for the open bar, buffet, champagne, and a little candy!!

Here's a few pictures of the party.

And after drinking, eating, drinking, dancing, and kissing, Jean and Melissa took me to Excaliber, 115 Bourban St where 16 Candles were rockin, and then to the Intercontinental where "Rusted Root" was 'smokin', and we ended up here for the evening. Wow !! One of my best New Years Eve's. Hope your's was as good!!