Friday, February 15, 2013

Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley at NIU Convocation Center 2-14-2013

Friday night Miranda Lambert brought her "Locked & Reloaded" concert to the Northern Illinois University Convocation Center. Thomas Rhett opened followed by Dierks Bentley. Miranda Lambert then graced the stage with several of her big hits.

First here are my "Neighbor's For the Night", These ladies , all but one from Rockford (the lady on the far right was from Sycamore), "Rocked" to Dierks and Miranda. The couple behind the ladies are from Crystal Lake and enjoyed a great Valentine's Day concert too. 

Up and coming country singer, Thomas Rhett opened and got the country fans Stompin' .  

And here's three songs by Thomas.
"Middle Class White Boy" (click on each video below)


And Thomas with some Rap. 

Dierk Bentley brought the fans to there feet and ROCKED with several of his hits.

 Dierk opened with "Am I The Only One"

"Every Mile A Memory"

"Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do"

"Up On The Ridge"

"What Was I Thinkin' "


"Feel That Fire"

 "Settle For A Slowdown"

 And Dierks closed his set with "Home"

Now it's Miranda opening with "Fastest Girl In Town"

 "Only Prettier"

"Mississippi Queen"

"Thats The Way The World Goes 'Round"

"Over You"

And a few photo's of Miranda.

 Great Country Music.... Lots of Rockin' , Stompin' , Singing & Clapping!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the North Shore Center in Skokie

The Big Bad Voodoo Daddy took the stage at the North Shore Center For The Performing Arts in Skokie.
Their "Swing" music had the audience Rockin' from beginning to end. Just another great show by the "Daddys". Here's their latest CD called " Rattle Them Bones"

Here are the guys:
      Scotty Morris - Lead Vocals,Guitar, Banjo
      Joshua Levy - Piano, Arranger
      Karl Hunter - Saxophones, Clarinet
     Andy Rowley - Baritone Saxophone, Vocals
     Glen "The Kid" Marhevka - Trumpet
     Tony Bondera - Lead Trumpet
     Dirk Schmaker - Stand Up Bass, Vocals
     Kurt Sodergren - Drums, Percussion
     Alex "Crazy Legs" Henderson - Trombone
Check these video's out and then see the "Daddy's" at the North Center College in Naperville on May 18th and in Crystal Lake later this summer.

Now for some music video's. Here's the opening "Minnie the Moocher"
"Calloway Boogie"
"Mr. Pinstripe Suit"
"Devil's Dance"
"5-10-15 times" (Dirk solo)
"Come On With The 'Come On'"
 "Let's Roll Again"
 "Reefer Man"
 "Diga Diga Do"
 "The Jumpin' Jive"
"I Wanna Be Like You"
 "So Long Farewell Goodbye"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Time For "I LOVE LUCY"

Here's a few photo's and a couple of video's from the "I Love Lucy" play at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower. I'm sure many of you won't even know that this TV show existed back in the 50's.

And here's 3 songs from that period of TV time.

Now the show portrayed the "I Love Lucy" show, but it was just so-so.
The best part of the play, in my opinion, were 2 of the enacted commercials, Alka-Selzer and BreylCream "A little dab will do you"

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How About A Little "ZEPPELIN"

Saturday Night Ron Onesti brought "Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience" to the Acada Theatre in St. Charles.
Jason, son of Zeppelin drummer, John Henry Bonham, looks and plays drums like his dad.
Here's Jason and his group, so get you ROCKIN' SHOES on and lets ROCK to some LED ZEPPELIN Music.

And here's Jason and his Dad.

Jason talks about his dad John Henry

Great Zeppelin Rock!! Now it's time for you to get to the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles for a concert.
Did you know that this Venue has the most concerts in the MidWest?  COME ON OUT AND ROCK!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Neal McCoy At The Sears Centre

Friday Neal McCoy entertained the Bull Championship Riders fans with his Country Music. Neal is one of my favorite Country performers and his music and dancing are always terrific!! 

First a little Bull Riding by one of the fans.

And here's the Bull riders ring and one rider who lasted the whole ride. Not very good, only about 4 riders lasted more that a few seconds. The Clown was funny though.

And Neal with "The City Put The Country Back In Me"

"Billy Got His Beer Googles On"
"No Doubt About It"

Next time Neal is around in concert, go see him cause he is GREAT!!