Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jon "Buns" Jovi (- Richie Sambora) at the Bradley in Milwaukee

A lot more videos Sunday so check back later Sunday or Monday!

Saturday Night it was Jon "Buns" Jovi at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. The pictures and videos were taken again, backstage, but boy there are some good ones. I took backstage shots at the United Center at couple of months ago and they turned out great (Check my earlier Bon Jovi Blog from March 9th). Richie was still not back with the boys ( This time kick it Richie) so a little something was missing from Jon's Milwaukee concert. Even so it was a good concert and Jon had a lot of energy as you will see in a couple of these videos.

Here's Jon 's opening , "Lost Highway"

"You Give Love A Bad Name"

"It's The End Of The World"

"It's My Life"

"The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same"

"We Got It Going On"

"Bad Medicine"

"When We Were Beautiful"

My additional videos are on the following (just click on each)

"Lost Highway" --

"We Got It Going On"--

"Bad Medicine" --

"When We Were Beautiful" --

"I'll Be There For You" --

"Have A Nice Day" --

"Keep The Faith" --

Friday, May 20, 2011

X-Factor Auditions at the Sears Centre

Here's some photos of the X-Factor Fans and some contestants at the Auditions at the Sears Centre. First "My Neighbors For The Day". These girls were in front of "The Rockin' Old Man" and were given tickets close to the stage.
Now a few photo's of some of the contestants.
These dudes were "Rappers" and were selected to go to the next round of X-Factor.
This couple were great together and were selected to advance to the next round also.. And here are photo's of some of the happenings outside the Sears Centre before the auditions started.
And finally the only photo inside.
And of course my ticket.

A very entertaining day! And more auditions were held Friday. Good Luck to all the contestants, hope you win the $5million!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

BOB SEGER Saturday Night at the Allstate!

WOW ! What a great concert!! Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band !

Sold out Seger fans got everything they came for !! Bob sang many of his old hits along with a couple of new songs including one of Rod Stewart's great hits "Downtown Train".

So here were my neighbors for the night, Dave and his wife of twenty plus years, Evelyn. A great couple are Seger fans!!
And some photo's from the concert.

And the video's are coming!
"Roll Me Away"

"Fire Down Below"

"Main Street"

"Old Time Rock and Roll"

And Bob puts his spin (Also in his new CD) on Rod Stewart's hit "Downtown Train"

"Real At The Time"

"We've Got Tonight"


"Against The Wind"

"Night Moves"

Check Out HALEY REINHART from American Idol

Here's Haley Reinhart, one of the top 3 on American Idol singing "I Who Have Nothing" Tell me this isn't GREAT !!Haley is from Wheeling and appeared at the Arington Park Race Track Saturday Night. More video's are at

(click below)
"I Who Have Nothing"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sheryl Crow at the Genesee

Wednesday night, after the heavy rain and flooded streets , I made it to see SHERYL CROW in concert at the Genesee in Waukegan!
Sheryl was Smokin' and really "Rocked" the house with her great music and her great band. She sang several of her song off her recent CD, "100 Miles From Memphis" along with many of her hits including "All I Wanna Do" and "Soak Up The Sun" and "If It Makes You Happy".
Here's a few pictures.

And here's the video's of "All I Wanna Do"

I have also posted the complete 2 part video on YouTube at

Also check Sheryl's site & tweeter. You can see Sheryl at Summerfest on July 3rd in Milwaukee. I'll be there, will you?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

1964 The Tribute

Saturday night it was "1964 THE TRIBUTE" at the Rosemont Theatre. The concert was a tribute to the Beatles with an opening tribute group of "THE ROLLING STONES".
The "Stones" group was energetic but the real "Mick and Keith" are more energetic at their age then this group. However, their singing wasn't bad.

The "1964" group was really good and played various instruments, including a 12 string guitar and a harmonica. They performed better then the local tribute group known as "American English" ,who are good too, but not as versetile as "1964".
Here's a few pictures from my IPhone which aren't the best. The video I took didn't capture sound so no video, sorry.

Drinks anyone?
Maybe a T-Shirt?
Here's the "Rolling Stones"
And "1964 The Tribute"

Next stop is Wednesday with "Sheryl Crow" at the Genesse Theatre and Saturday with "Bob Seger" at the Allstate.