Saturday, December 5, 2009

Joliet was in "Kansas" Friday Night

Joliet was in "Kansas" Friday Night when the group performed at the Rialto Square Theater. A sell-out crowd joined in early Christmas celebration when they entered the theater where beautiful Christmas decorations and two beautiful trees filled the lobby. The early arriving "Kansas" fans enjoyed their favorite beverage before the concert began.
Of course it was t-shirt time and their new CD "There's No Place Like Home."
Here are a few fans who were my neighbors for the night. The couple in the black coats were here for their first "Kansas" concert.

This girl is a real "Kansas" fan and had attended another "Kansas" concert a few days ago in Southern Illinois. Her friends were in the "pit" and she was trying to get the usher to let her sit there too but adjusted to her seat right in front of me. She lives in Glenview.

And she was trying to get by this usher so she could get with her friends in the pit but no luck !!

Ok on with the show!!
Here's the boys as they opened as the group "Native Window"

(excuse the audio which was not to clear in the theater)

The opening act called "Native Window" surprised the crowd as the group consisting of four "Kansas" members; Billy Greer, Dave Ragsdale, Rich Williams, and Phil Ehart performed on the front stage for about 25 minutes. Phil joked about how the group "Kansas" were much old then them and not as handsome!

After a short intermission "Kansas" appeared and were at their best.