Thursday, February 11, 2010

American Idol -- Hollywood Week 2-10-2010

Last night were the group performances and 71 of the remaining 95 are moving on. These 95 had to organize themselves into small groups and do group performances for the Idol judges.

Some of the better ones that advanced were: Tim Urban, a 20 year old college student from Duncanville TX; Maddie Penrose, a 18 year old HS student from Murry,UT; Jeff Goldford, a 28 year old consultant, singer and songwriter from Chicago; Jermaine Sellers, a 26 year old church singer from Joliet,IL; Mary Powers, a 29 year old singer from Burbank,CA; and Hope Johnson, a 20 year old bartender from Arlington,TX.

Here were three other's who were pretty good and advanced.

"Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens, and JB Ahfua"

The next round begins next Tuesday.