Friday, September 17, 2010

VIVA !! Chicago Latin Fest 2010

Here's Friday's Chicago Latin Fest at Millennium Park.

Some Costumes by the Bean!!

Here's "Julio Cortez Y La Explosion De La Cumbis"

"Sol Del Viento"

And some little dancers

Some Latin Bongo Music and spectator participation by the BEAN

Mariachi entertaining the visitors

And here is the

Mariachi Vive Mexico accompanied by

Poctu Yanculc Ballet rehearsing on the Jay Pritzker Pavillion Stage.

Now, Latin Fest continues Saturday at Millennium Park. If you have a chance, go there and enjoy the Music and Dancing. It starts at Noon.

More information is at

I'm sorry I can't go again today because I'll be at the Tody Keith & Trace Adkins concert.