Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Zac Brown Band at the Sears Centre Friday 11-18-2011

Friday night it was "The Zac Brown Band" at the Sears Centre. Great Concert! Here's a few pictures.

Here's The Fans !

And my ticket
Opening for Zac were two young country singers, Zac brought with him from Atlanta. First up was Nic Cowan.

Here's two of my youtube video's of Nic. (click on each)

Next up was Sonia Leigh.

And two of my youtube videos of Sonia. (click on each)

And here's "The Zac Brown Band" (Click on each)

"Keep Me In Mind"

"Knee Deep"
"As She's Walking Away"

"Where The Boat Leaves From"

"Who Knows" (Part 1)

"Who Knows" (Part 2)

"Highway 20 Ride"

"The Devil Went Down To Georgia"

"It's Not OK"


Want more Zac? Check his web site!!