Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bull Riding Championship, Barrel Racing and JAKE OWEN

Two great Jake Owen fans were "my neighbors for the night." These girls have seen Jake several times and had backstage Meet & Greet passes and got autographed CD's. How cool!!

Then my other "neighbor for the night", was this country rockin' girl. The "Rockin' Old Man's" grandaughter.

Here's a few backstage pictures.

A few of the boys in the band. Here's Myron the drummer.

Here's Robbie Emerson bass guitarist.

Before Jake sings, here's some of the opening , bullriding, horse training, and barrel racing.

And now HERE'S "JAKE"

"Starting With Me"

"Fly Away"

A little Tom Petty~~ "True Love Is Hard To Find"

"Something About A Woman"

"Jessie's Girl"

"Apple Pie Moonshine"

Guess the name of this song! I couldn't hear it very well !