Wednesday, August 24, 2011

STEVIE NICKS at the Rosemont Theatre!

Stevie Nicks graced the stage of the Rosemont Theatre, Tuesday evening. She brought Michael Grimm from last years "America's Got Talent" along to open for her. Michael has a bellowing voice and got the Stevie fans Rockin'. Here's a few Stevie photos.

First Micheal with one of his songs, "Stay With Me Baby".
(click on each below)

And now STEVIE singing a mix of her Greatest Hits and several of her new CD "In Your Dreams"!! Besure to buy the CD because every song is GREAT!!

"Stand Back"

"Secret Love"

"Moonlight" Part 1

"Moonlight" Part 2

"Gold Dust Woman"

"Annabel Lee"

"For What It's Worth"


"Ghosts Are Gone"

"Leather And Lace"

Precussion Duet!

"Edge Of Seventeen"

And the concert ended but Ohh .. to soon!