Saturday, September 22, 2012

Madonna at the United Center Wednesday's Concert

Here's my updated blog on the Madonna concert from some time ago.


Wednesday It was the "MADONNA" concert.
The concert scheduled for 8:00pm, as you can see on the ticket, started at 8:25pm with a DJ, Paul Oakenfold, who played music and had some lights but he played for one hour and twenty minutes.
I don't pay to listen to a DJ for even 1 minute at a "MADONNA' concert. I could have gone to a local saloon and seen better.
Now "MADONNA" , riding on a bike backstage, managed to arrive at 10:20pm to begin her concert. Man was I pissed!!

Anyway here's some of my Madonna video's. (click on each below)

And I left the United Center.  I had tickets for "MADONNA'S" thursday concert and gave them away. I went to see Willie Nelson instead.