Monday, October 1, 2012

Zac Brown Band at the First Midwest in Tinley Park

Sunday night it was the "ZAC BROWN BAND" at the First Midwest venue. Blackberry Smoke opened got the fans "Rockin' "

But first, here are "My Neighbor's For The Night". Steve and his daughter Shannan with 2 a's. Steve is a three year survivor of cancer.  Shannan is a great Country fan who loves Blake Shelton and was at this summer's Country Thunder in Wisconsin.  


Ok, here are two dudes who opened for Zac but I failed to get their names! Sorry!
They were from Georgia and were really cold like the rest of us.

Now Drew Walker & Lisa Dent graced the stage with some of their US99 gang.

Blackberry Smoke was next and these dudes are "Dope"

Here's The Zac Brown Band.

First a couple of video's of the Dudes that opened. (Click on each)

And Blackberry Smoke.

Here's Zac Brown Band opening with "Keep Me In Mind"

Here's "As She's Walking Away"

"Colder Weather"

Here's a short clip of "Whiskey's Gone"

"Knee Deep"

"Can't You See"

Now listen to Zac and the boys crack their guitars and fiddle.
"Part 1"

"Part 2"
And I left to beat the crowd. Great Country Music !! Check out for the latest tour and group info.