Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jim Peterik's World Stage at the Arcada Theatre Part 1

 Jim Peterik co-founder of "Ides Of March" brings a group of great singers and musicians tonight to the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles.

First here's Ron Onesti from OShows Entertainment that provide all these fine concerts and other events at the Arcada Theater. Ron brought Mitch Michaels, from radios 95.9 The River, on stage to introduce Jim Peterik's World Stage concert.

Here's Jim and the group's opening.
Here's Jeff Adams.

Now its Jim's son Sijay.
And Sijay's new song "Idaho"
Here's Toby Hitchcock.

     And then Toby with Jim singing "Delusional"                
And Jeff returns singing "I can't stop thinking about you girl"
And here's Jim singing "This Is Love"
Now it's time for Lisa McClowry singing "Skinny Branches"

And "Come Dancing" 
Here's Lisa's big beautiful hit "Brand New Hallelujah" accompanied by the St. Charles Youth Choir.

And then they took an intermission so my part 2 will be posted starting Wednesday.