Sunday, November 3, 2013

The AMAZING KRESKIN at the Arcada Theater

Last Sunday the AMAZING Kreskin performed his mentalist show at the Arcada Theater in St Charles.
Kreskin known for his mentalist abilities thoughout the world has been performing since the days of Steve Allen and appeared several times on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Johnny created a character called Carnac the Great. Recently, Kreskin appeared on Jimmy Fallon's Show. A truly entertaining show featured Kreskin selecting 5 people from the audience who would hide a piece of paper somewhere in the theater while he was escorted out of the theater. The group of 5 decided to hide the paper in the toe of a woman's left shoe and when Kreskin returned after about 10 minutes he found the paper. Just AMAZING.
In another bit, Kreskin pasted out small pieces of paper and asked the audience to write three words on the paper, fold the paper anyway, and the he threw about a dozen blank white envelopes and told the people to put the paper in them.
Although I never saw him take the envelopes, Kreskin read words off a notebook and then asked the person who wrote the word to stand. He proceeded to tell the person the second and the third words that they had written on the piece of paper. Again AMAZING.
 It just so happened that he picked my first word which was Sharon, my deceased wife and then asked me why I wrote Nashville as the second word and Scott as the third word.
If you ever get the chance go see his show, you will be really wondering how this mentalist does it?