Saturday, September 19, 2009

Billy Currington and SUGARLAND

Friday night was a trip to Milwaukee to see Billy Currington and SUGARLAND.

I had a chance to pickup some fresh vegetables at a Wisconsin roadside stand. Great stuff and I got some Wisconsin Cheese but not for my head, no "Cheese Head" for me I'm a BEARS fan!!!

Ok so I get to the Bradley Center and meet my good friends, Don, Helen, and their daughter Julie. Now these guys are REAL SUGARLAND Fans!! Don and Helen are heading to Vegas shortly and I hope they win BIG BUCKS !! Julie has to keep working but she travels a lot, in fact she just got back from KC and had a chance to see Luke Bryan another good country singer.

I head to my seat and get settled in when my Neighbors for the Night arrived. Jerri and Tony from Madison.

Tony is a drummer but is taking a little time off and he and Jerri are going to Mexico next week. Jerri for a conference and both for R&R. How neat !! Here I am stuck going to concerts. I better start traveling, hum, maybe Seattle !!

Now here are a couple other dancing fans who were Rockin' to Billy Currington but were there for SUGARLAND !!

Now we get to Billy Currington. You might have read about the tornado in Alberta Canada a few weeks ago that killed 5 people. Well Billy was there but survived the mess. (Check his jeans I think they were there too and pulled from the damaged stage!!)

And of course Billy's great hit"PEOPLE ARE CRAZY".

Now how about a little SUGAR !!

And then Jennifer and Kristian signed a new guitar and Kristian headed into the audience to give it to a lucky fan.

This little girl was TRILLED !!!

Another great concert comes to an end.

Next is the Chicago Country Fest on October 3rd and 4th in Grant Park Chicago. Then I have to wait for Jerry Seinfeld and then Steve Martin later in October. Keep Rockin' and keep checkin' my blog !!!!