Sunday, September 13, 2009

U2 with Snow Patrol at Soldier Field 9/12/2009

You could never go to a better concert or see anything like the "CLAW" !

On my trip to Soldier Field I met one of the fans, "TR", who goes to several music concerts each year. TR was kind enough to share a cab ride to the venue. Thanks TR, hope to see you at some other concerts.
Two couples, who where my neighbors for the night, were from Aurora and where great "Elevation" fans as well as U2 fans.
And an usher in the section I was in, saw that I was eating peanuts so he came by and said " "Hey mister your "nuts" are on the floor" ". What friendly people.

The fans were great and of course it was a sell out. Check it out.

Snow Patrol opened and got the fans "Rockin".

And then highlighted their set with "Chasing Cars" which they dedicated to U2.

And now for the incredible "U2". Here's 3 video's of their opening.

Next two videos of "Elevation"

Here's a 3 part video and then a single.

And the last video.