Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chicago Country Fest Day 1

So the day started out dry as I looked to the sky downtown I saw some dudes who found a job I wouldn't want. Look !!

Wow!! Couldn't pay me enough money to swing and wash windows like this !!
Ok now for the "WET" Chicago Country Fest Day 1.

First I got to show you my neighbors for the night. These dudes came without rain gear so he went and spent his food money for ponchos for the two of them!! I heard her say their pictures was not going into their scrapbook !! ISN'T LOVE GREAT !!!! GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS !!

Now here are a few pictures and videos of some of the activities that took place before the real downpour!!

Some Square Dance Lessons!!

Then the CMA Songwriters' Series featuring Lee Ann Womack, Bob DiPero, Dean Dillon and Scotty Emerick in the Americana Tent.

First up at 2 was Musikanto.

Lucky Town was good and got to play before the rains hit.

Rounding out the afternoon music was Southern Exposure and they "Rocked."

And a couple "Hotties" doing some dancin'.

And that ends the afternoon music.

Now a few fans that braved the rain.

Now comes "Jamey Johnson".

Then Jamey brought his sister on stage and sang to her. "In Color".

Now it's time for MIRANDA !!! Her opening song was a Credence Clearwater hit !!

The "WET" day comes to an end.