Saturday, October 10, 2009


photo Jim Cooper/AP

Have you ever laughed so hard tears rolled down your face and you couldn't stop laughing?? Well that is what happened to me at Jerry's show. My stomach still aches from laughter.
Now I have seen a lot of comedians in my life but Jerry Seinfeld is without a doubt the funniest guy I have ever seen !!!
His humor is untouchable.
He joked about kids, marriage, old people, medicine's, and to many other things that were just plain FUNNY.
Here's just one line from his show that I thought hits life right on the head, "did you know that marriage sucks and is great are close to being the same."
Think about it. He's right !!!

He went on to give another example of sucks and great, saying "did you ever buy an ice cream cone and have it drop on the ground, and you say, well thats sucks-----
just great." (sorry my description can't bring the same humor as Jerry's delivery)
Then he told about "the ads on TV for Cialis. You see a picture of a happy couple each sitting in their own hot tub, smiling and holding hands on top of a mountain. NOW WHO THE HELL HAS TWO HOT TUBS? And if I had to lug those cast iron things up that mountain I'd be to tired for sex too!!!"
"And then the warning, if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours see your doctor. I WONDER WHAT THE HELL HE'S GOING TO DO?" " If I had an erection lasting 4 hours I would see Alice, and Mary, and Elaine, and Sue, and Jennifer."

Jerry also told several jokes about his wife's Blackberry use and several jokes about his wife not liking "the tone of my voice".

He did several jokes about cell phones and their "dead zones", telling about how in the old days a kitchen wall phone had a cord on it and would only allow you to go so far because any further was a "dead zone".
And how the best feature the telephone company came up with was caller ID but then they invented caller ID block ! WHAT !!
And all us intelligent telephone people that made it *69. Ya, couldn't one telephone engineer say let's make it *68 or *70 nope got to be *69. Didn't any of these people go to junior high????

Ok, you know it was "TERIFFIC" so if you get a chance to see Jerry's standup routine, Don't miss it !!!!!!!!!!!!!