Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CARRIE UNDERWOOD with Sons of Sylvia

Sunday night at Summerfest, CARRIE UNDERWOOD rocked her fans with great music, a little swinging, much sweat, and several costume changes. Sons of Sylvia, a young brothers group, opened.

First here's "Angie," who with her helpers, worked at one of the concession stands and really served me well with Diet Pepsi.
(takes time to load so be patient)
Sons of Sylvia, formerly known as "The Clark Brothers" when they appeared on American Idol, opened the concert for Carrie. They are really a Blue Grass group but only performed one Blue Grass number that was terriffic. Here it is.

And then Carrie opened with "Cowboy Casanova."

Costume change and then "Wasted."

"So Small."

And her beautiful 'swinging' number "Just A Dream."

Then a duet with the Sons of Sylvia.

And "I Told You So."

And that ends the top concerts from Marcus at Summerfest. Later this week I'll post some of the other music but first take a ride on the ski lift and look at the crowd.