Thursday, July 8, 2010

Milwaukee Summerfest Stage Bands

With all the headline bands now on the previous blogs here are some of the other groups.
First June24th.
(takes time to load, so be patient, it's worth it.)
76 Juliet

R.A.S. Movement

Briggs Bluesbusters

June 25th

Shayna Zaid and The Catch



Liam Ford Band

June 28th

Me and My Arrow

Upside Groove Coalition

The Acoustix

Chick Singer Night

The Tallan Noble Latz Band-- Tallan is 11 years old and will be better then "Stevie Ray Vaughn!!!" He's already TERRIFIC !! Check it out !

Bad Medicine

The US Project

June 30th

Boney Fingers

7th Heaven (Opening for Kid Rock and Bon Jovi at Soldier Field on July 30th)


The Jimmy's

Sonic Circus

Sig Snopek


Moody Blues

"Once Upon A Time"

"Tuesday Afternoon"