Sunday, October 10, 2010


This year's Chicago Country Fest was held in Millennium Park Friday and Saturday. It was full of Country Music. Dancing, and FUN!!

I will be posting pictures and videos later. But I wanted you to meet my "Neighbors For The Night" from Friday night. This couple were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary with us in the US. David, a Minister, and his wife Alice have been on a 30 day holiday in our country. They are from London, England. How cool!! What great people.

This is some of the groups from Friday.

Here's a group called "Brushfire"

Then came the "Gin Palace Jesters."

A little "Midwest Ramblers Cajun Band"

Here comes "Gretchen Wilson."

Now it's "Clint Black" to end day 1.

And that ended day 1.