Friday, May 20, 2011

X-Factor Auditions at the Sears Centre

Here's some photos of the X-Factor Fans and some contestants at the Auditions at the Sears Centre. First "My Neighbors For The Day". These girls were in front of "The Rockin' Old Man" and were given tickets close to the stage.
Now a few photo's of some of the contestants.
These dudes were "Rappers" and were selected to go to the next round of X-Factor.
This couple were great together and were selected to advance to the next round also.. And here are photo's of some of the happenings outside the Sears Centre before the auditions started.
And finally the only photo inside.
And of course my ticket.

A very entertaining day! And more auditions were held Friday. Good Luck to all the contestants, hope you win the $5million!