Sunday, May 8, 2011

1964 The Tribute

Saturday night it was "1964 THE TRIBUTE" at the Rosemont Theatre. The concert was a tribute to the Beatles with an opening tribute group of "THE ROLLING STONES".
The "Stones" group was energetic but the real "Mick and Keith" are more energetic at their age then this group. However, their singing wasn't bad.

The "1964" group was really good and played various instruments, including a 12 string guitar and a harmonica. They performed better then the local tribute group known as "American English" ,who are good too, but not as versetile as "1964".
Here's a few pictures from my IPhone which aren't the best. The video I took didn't capture sound so no video, sorry.

Drinks anyone?
Maybe a T-Shirt?
Here's the "Rolling Stones"
And "1964 The Tribute"

Next stop is Wednesday with "Sheryl Crow" at the Genesse Theatre and Saturday with "Bob Seger" at the Allstate.