Monday, June 6, 2011

MICHAEL BUBLE at Milwaukee 6-5-2001

Michael Buble "ROCKED" the Bradley Center in Milwaukee Sunday night.
The opening group "Naturally 7' was terrific too!

"My neighbors for the night" were a couple from Green Bay, Joe and Melanie.

Seated in front of me, was a nice young lady from Costa Rica,Alejandra, who traveled to Milwaukee just to see Michael. It was her first time she had seen him in person and was really excited and thrilled. She took a lot of pictures too. And I thank her for her photo's.

Now you know there was going to be dancing.
The group "Natural 7" have been opening for Michael for about 3 years. Each member of the group contributes cappella sounds and unique ability to created distinct harmony.They are amazing !!
Now it was MICHAEL's Turn and here are some photo's .

Michael made trip into the audience to meet, kiss, and have a picture taken with a woman who's birthday was Sunday. She was 96 years young, What a thrill!!

Try this video (click below)


And here Michael let's the boy's play!
(click below)
AND "Georgia"
(click below)

And my video of Michael singing "For Once In My Life"
(click below)


"All I Do Is Dream Of You" Michael with Naturally 7 (click below) (click below)

And "Home"
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