Monday, June 20, 2011

Steve Martin & Martin Short at the Chicago Theatre

Last night it was "JUST FOR LAUGHS" with Steve Martin & Martin Short!.

A very enjoyable evening watching two Classic Comedians perform on stage at the Chicago Theatre. These master's of comedy told personal career stories, told jokes, sang & played music, answered audience questions, and NEVER ONCE UTTERED A DIRTY WORD!! Not any sexual jokes, no f__k stories, just plain funny bits, stories, and jokes. Martin sang, Steve played the Banjo, and they both had fun!! Martin also did his "Jiminy Glick" character with Steve. In the Q&A portion both were asked what it takes to be a sucessful comedian and Steve answered "Be Better Then The Rest". Martin added start young and you have to have some luck, Steve agreed.
Here's the song Steve wrote that ended the show.
(click below on each)