Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Rare Earth" with "Saturday June Band" at Viper Alley

Rare Earth's concert at the Viper Alley in Lincolshire, brought back some of their big hits from the 70's. Their classic rock made popular when the group was signed by Motown as their first all white band.

Viper Alley, located near the Marriott Lincolnshire, is a very intimate setting with table and bar service.

Opening for Rare Earth was Saturday June Band, a local band from Highland Park. This classic rock group were real "rocker's". Here are 4 video's,

(check on each below)

And here is Rare Earth's opening .

(click on each below)

"Big John Is My Name"

"Born To Wander"

"Get Ready"

And that ended my great evening of Classic Rock. You can check and for more information and music from these "rocker's"