Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coldplay at the United Center 08-07-2012

Tuesday it was the MYLO XYLOTO TOUR  at the United Center with Coldplay.
Opening was Charli XCX followed by Marina & the Diamonds.

First let's have a Coldplay PARTY!! Check all the giant balls and confetti!!

Here are 8 of my YouTube video's of Coldplay. (Check on each one below.)
Here's the Coldplay opening.

Of course I had to buy a T-shirt! And that little pink thing on the shirt was the light wrist band that everyone got and Coldplay's technical man controlled them as part of the concert.

Here's a short video of Charli XCX opening.

 And this is Marina & the Diamonds

 And some phots of Coldplay.

More video's Sunday ( My IPhone Data limit has been reached but a new month starts Sunday)