Saturday, August 4, 2012

David Nail & Billy Currington at the Wisconsin State Fair

Friday was a day at the Wisconsin State Fair featuring country singers, David Nail & Billy Currington.

First here are "My Neighbors for the Night", Lola & Isaisa. Lola got Isaisa hooked on country now she wants him to marry her. They're from Milwaukee.
Now before I get to the music video's and photo's of David a & Billy, here are a few photo's of happenings at the Fair. Here's the milking cow finals with the winner. 

And here's Roboman!

And some wrestling.What?

And a little music. Here's Altered Five at the Miller Lite stage.

Here's Saddlebrook at the Blue Moon Tavern In The Park.

And a little dancing at the Budweiser Stage.

Ok time for the concert. David Nall opening.
"She Rides Away"
"Red Light"
"let It Rain"
 And a few pictures.

Now here's Billy Currington.

"That's How Country Boys Roll"
"I Got A Feelin"
"Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer"
"Just Another Day Without You"
 And with the ending of this concert here is a shot of the moon. Notice the airplane on the left edge of the