Friday, March 22, 2013

"Little Big Town", with David Nail at the Rialto Theatre in Joliet

"Little Big Town" brought their 'Tornado Tour' to the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet Thursday 3-21-2013.

David Nail opened and sang several songs along with some of his hits. He 'Rocked' the fans and got them ready for                                "Little Big Town"

First, since I got to the theatre early, I decided to head over to Harrah's Casino for a few minutes and I do mean a few.
I entered and walked around for about 5 minutes, stopped and saw a quarter machine that I figured I'd put $10 in and see if any thing came out. Well after using 27 quarters, I saw a "triple 7 triple" and my credits started accumulating. Since I'm no slot player, I was trying to figure out what I won. The credits stopped at around 1100 so I cashed out, $272.50. I went over to the cashier got my money and headed over to the concert. LUCKY!! 
Once in the theatre, I met my good friends Liz and her cousin (maybe it was her aunt), and Debbie with her daughter and her daughter's friend.
Liz was 'Rockin' in the pit, and Debbie and the girls were in the first row. Nice!!

Ok here's David Nail's opening

"Let It Rain"

Here's "Little Big Town's" opening.

"Little White Church"

"On Fire Tonight"

"Leavin' In Your Eyes"

"The Chain"

"Pop songs go country" Part 1

"Pop songs go country"  Part 2 "Born This Way" 

"Good As Gone"

 "Self Made"



A truly Great, Rockin', concert. I've now seen "Little Big Town" five times and they are always Terrific!!