Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band at the United Center

Saturday Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band came to the United Center for their latest concert.
The great Joe Walsh, one of The Eagles, opened the concert with several of his great songs. Fans were up and rockin' for Joe.
Here's Joe!

"Seems To Me" (sorry for the quality of the videos)

"In The City"

"Rocky Mountain Way"

"Life's Been Good"

Bob Seger photos!!

Here's Bob Seger's opening! "Rollin' On Down The Line"

"Tryin' To Live My Life Without You"

"The Fire Down Below"

"Turn The Page"


"Old Time Rock And Roll"

"Like A Rock"

"Travelin' Man"

"Come To PaPa"

"We Got Tonight"


"Katmandu" (cont)

Great concert! Joe was terrific and Bob Seger always gives a great concert with all his hits!!