Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Price Is Right at the Riverside in Milwaukee

                   The REAL--- "THE PRICE IS RIGHT"

Well I was expecting to see a taping of the popular TV show, "The Price Is Right" with Drew Carey. Instead I saw a parity of "The Price Is Right" With 3 unknown actors pretending they were the host, the announcer and the model. In my opinion even some of the contestants were actors. The audience was filled with fans who paid more money to get in than the show gave to some of the legitimate fans as prizes. So here's a few photos.

First my "Neighbors For The Night", a cool young couple from the Milwaukee area, Victoria & Paul. Victoria was hoping to get called and win a car the she needs badly. Paul is a dedicated "Price Is Right" fan who watches the TV show almost everyday. He was excited as said he would give the car to Victoria if he won.

Now some photo's and video of the disappointing, imitation, show.

And some of the prizes; a cheap guitar, a $200 motorized scooter, a refridge, and a TV plus some $200 cash give-a-ways.

Here's a few short videos. (Takes time to load, click on each video)

I would not recommend this parity!