Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 4 at Country Thunder Finally Arrives.

Day 4 has arrived.

Dean Alexander opened.

How about Sarah Darling!

Here's Brett Eldredge

Now the Henhouse Prowlers

And Hunter Hayes in the rain! And he just kept singing.

And Jake Owen closed out Country Thunder for 2013. Jake had injured his right hand a few days earlier at NASCAR and his doctor had advised him not to play Wrigley Field or Country Thunder but Jake played a short set at Wrigley the night before and told all the Country Thunder fans that, a few years ago he was one of the opening acts and now that he is a Headliner, there was no way he was gonna miss his full set here. Thanks JAKE!!

Now here's some of the partying Country Fans!

Now check my Facebook page for video's of several of these great Country Thunder Stars!