Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Country Thunder - Day 1

Here's the opening day of Country Thunder.
First check out 2 of the great Security force.
First Bill, head of security.

Then there's beautiful Dawn who controlled the VIP area.

Now for some of the Country Fans !!

First , my good friends from Monroe. They were my row neighbors last year and helped control the late row crashers.

My Friend "Gooze" is the photag wizard and his favorite is Heidi Newfield !! Gooze has given me many of his excellent shots.

(I caught him between shots.)

Here's Laura !! She was at the Kenny Chesney Concert in Soldier Field and is wearing her US99 T-Shirt. On the back is says"Take Me Backstage."

Now some Cowgirls and Dudes and they were "Rockin" !!!

Now the concert opened with Colt Ford a newer country group.

Here's "The Lost Trailers" their single hit was "Holler Back."

And the main attraction "Tracy Lawrance."