Saturday, July 18, 2009

Country Thunder - Day 3

Well we are now at day 3 of Country Thunder. A little wet but the show must go on. Of course, first the fans.

These lucky fans got Jake Owen's autograph. Kelly is in the middle, her daughter McKenna is on the left, and her sister Mandy is on the right. They're from Libertyville. They "Rocked" every day !!

These cowgirls and dudes were a little wet and cold but that didn't stop them from "Partying."

Here is Kelsy, Patty, and Chris ROCKIN'

These cowgirls have been DANCIN' and ROCKIN' for 3 day !!

Now on with the show! First up was Shawn Hammonds, a good friend of Heidi Newfield.

Restless Heart was next.

Then it was Heidi Newfield who sang her hit "Johnny & June." But here's her harmonic solo. She really got the dudes "SWINGIN"

Here's the sexy Jake Owen thrilling the cowgirls!

Here's Phil Vassar and his piano music. ( Phil later joined Neal McCoy even though he was wasted! What a guy !!)


Here's Neal McCoy "ROCKIN" after the Jackson Concert. Phil Vassar joined after I left and he was "WASTED" and I don't mean Carrie's song!!