Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Idol Day 2 - Atlanta

Day 2 from Atlanta, brought some good singers, many bad, one who wouldn't leave, and an old "General."

Three appeared to be ready to move further along in the show, Jermaine Sellers who sang, "If GOD was one of us", Vanessa Wolf who sang a strong country song, "Wagonwheel", and a cop named Brian Walker, who's rendition of "Superstar" was a surprise to the judges.

Dewone, Miriam, Noel, Lauren, and Jesse were a few of the bad ones.

Again a whole lot of tears, some of joy (28) but most of sorrow.

A guy named Lamar just wouldn't leave and finally was escorted out by six or seven guards.

But the tops of the night was a 62 year old "General" Larry Platt who wrote and sang " Pants On The Ground" for all the kids who wear their pants around their knees. GOOD JOB "GENERAL"------

Next week Chicago !!