Thursday, January 21, 2010

American Idol - Orlando

Wednesday nights American Idol, from Orlando, had guest judge Kristin Chenoweth who had a good time with fellow judge Kara but not with Simon.


10,000 wannabe's tried to advance to Hollywood while only 31 moved on.

Top auditions were; Seth Rollins, Jermaine Parifoy, and the sister's Desimone.
Shelby Dressel, an 18-year-old waitress whose facial nerve defect means she can't fully smile on one side of her face, and who shyly covered her mouth after being told she'd made it to Hollywood.

Shelby Dressel Audition

And Matt Lawrence, who had done time after robbing a bank with a BB gun in a prank gone awry when he was 15.
His version of "Trouble" had Simon, Kara and Randy united in praise.
"You're so genuine, dude," Randy told the barrel-chested, cowboy-hatted Lawrence. "That's what it's about, man. And you got vocals? What?!"

IDOL moves to LA next week.