Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Idol Top 6

Last week's American Idol Gives Back received $45 million dollars in pledges to help the less fortunate people around the world. Tuesday night's progam began the last month of this year's Idol's contest.

The top 6 Idols performed to Shania Twain's music. Shania, one of Country Music's best female singer, was the guest mentor and offered some good advice to the contestants.

This will be the toughest week for picking the one Idol to go home. They all did a good job with Casey probably performing the best. Ok here's my thoughts.
Lee DeWyze opened with "Your Still The One." The judges said it was a good choice for Lee and that he made it his own.
Casey James picked "Don't" and the judges thought it was Casey's best performance and a great song choice. Kara "the Cougar" was all smiles.
Aaron Kelly did a good job with "You Got Away" and the judges liked the song choice and Simon said Aaron should pick Country as his genre.
Big Mike Lynch sang "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" (one of my favorites) and the judges thought Big Mike was in the zone and it sounded like Luther. Simon thought it was "wet." WHAT?
Crystal gave a good Country performance with "No One Needs To Know" and the judges said it wasn't her best but still really like Crystal.
Siobhan Magnus tackled " Any Man Of Mine"ending the sing with her very high loud note. The judges really liked Siobhan's performance but Simon added that the high note sounded like she was giving birth. NOW HOW WOULD HE KNOW?

Tough call on going home but I guess Aaron. Big Mike could be gone if the young kids vote for Aaron.
We'll see!