Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Rockin' Old Man on America's Got Talent!

The "America's Got Talent" Show was in Chicago today and will be in town tomorrow taping for the upcoming season. Host Nick Cannon, judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and this years third judge, Howie Mandel all arrived at America's Got Talent's last stop for auditions.

The Rockin' Old Man was on the program. No, not as a contestant but in the audience. I had the opportunity to greet Piers Morgan with a handshake, greet Sharon Osbourne with a kiss, and greet Howie Mandel with a fist pound.

What an honor!!

Now some of the acts that were put throught to Las Vegas were: A family of 11 kids who sang and were joined by their little 10 year old brother who Piers say must join the group for the next show. Howie asked where the parent's were and asked if they where busy working on another kid. HaHa !!

A Blues group with a mama who swung her Booty all around.

An unique dancer who had great stage presence and got good feedback from the three judges.

A dancing Mad Scientist who turned water into snow while dancing (he didn't however, walk on water).

And a snake man who set a guiness record by holding 12 rattle snakes in his mouth for 40 seconds.

The show is scheduled to start June 1st on NBC. I'm not sure when the Chicago tape will be on but watch for "The Rockin' Old Man."