Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jeff Dunham w/Walter,Achmed, Peanut, Jose

Tuesday Night it was Jeff Dunham's funny comedy show at the Allstate.

Jeff had the audience rolling non-stop!! Great show with a couple of new puppets.

Check out some videos, starting with Jeff and Walter.

"A goat only has two."

Walter and Jeff talking Divorce

Walter's wife's Tata's

Walter likes Amsterdam

Walter's wife picture

Goodnight Walter!

Now here's Jeff's new girl (I forgot her name)

Here's "Achmed the Terrorist"

"Tampon bit" and "Goodnight Achmed"

Now comes "Peanut"

"To Much 'RED BULL' "

"Chinese email "

New material, "Black Dude, White Dude"

"Super Hero"

More Peanut and Jose

Achmed Jr. is introduced to Achmed

Be sure to check out and several of Jeff's youtube videos. They'll make you laugh!!