Sunday, December 12, 2010

The PUNCH BROTHERS at Lincoln Hall

Last night it was "The PUNCH BROTHERS" at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. "Blue Grass" at it's best. Chris Thile leads the group with a Rockin' Mandolin and blew the crowd away with his contemporary strummin'. Noam Pikelny, who some consider the next Bela Fleck, really adds class to the group with his great Banjo playing. Gabe Witcher joins in with the fiddle and violin, while Chris Eldridge rounds out the group on guitar.
Now Lincoln Hall is a nice venue with standing room downstairs and seating in hte balcony. Lighting could be improved since it was a little dim. Overall a decent place to watch and listen to music.

Ok here's some video's of the boys.

And here's a Punch Brothers youtube video. Also check their web site at

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As a historical side note, Lincoln Hall is right across the street from the lnfamous "Biograph Theater" when the Chicagoland gangster, John Dillinger was shot down by the FBI back in 1934.
A short write-up about the shooting can be found below.

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"The Biograph Theater"