Sunday, December 5, 2010

MICHAEL BUBLE at the Allstate 12-04-2010

Micheal was at his best Saturday Night!

Here were my neighbor's for the night, Dave and Deann from Kenosha. Great fans but they decided to park in an undesirable location and worried about it the whole concert. (I hope their car wasn't towed.)But first it was a group called Naturally 7 and they rocked with their musical insturment simulation and acappella singing. Perhaps the most memorable presentation involved this group of seven musicians who practice something they call “Vocal Play”. It’s hard to describe their act other than saying each of them used their voices in unison to recreate a different musical instrument from drums to brass instruments to guitars. They made beatboxing look like child’s play. Their Wall of Sound song, earned them a standing ovation.”

And then Michael came singing "Cry Me A River"!!

"Mack The Knife"

And the Buble Orchestra!

"Crazy Love"


Then a little "Michael Jackson" impersonation

Then Michael and Naturally 7 walk by me on their way to the other end of the Allstate. I got to shake Michael's hand, WOW !!The song is "All I Do Is Dream Of You"

Michael gave the fans at the other end of the arena a treat!

And Michael goes back to the main stage.

And a song from his new CD with the fans joining in.

And this is one of my "Paperless" tickets.

Great Concert starting with Naturally 7 and ending with the great, funny, and terrific guy, MICHAEL BUBLE. Go see him, you will be a fan for life !!