Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol Final Touring 10

Miley Cyrus, Joe Jonas, and Demi Lovato provided the entertainment for the 6 to 13 year old kids. Miley, with her dad Billy Ray in the audience, sang "When I Look At You" which is in a new movie.
Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato sang a duet called"Make A Wave" which I'm sure the little kids loved.

Now for the bottom 3.
There was no doubt that Paige Miles and Tim Urban would be in here. Katie was a small surprise but she was sent back to the top 10 quickly by Ryan. I thought Andrew Garcia should have been in the bottom.

Paige Miles, who really had one of the worst performances ever in all the finals since American Idol began, was sent home and the judges did not even consider saving her. Tim Urban could have joined her too.

So the touring 10 will be:
Crystal Bowersox
Big Mike Lynche
Siobhan Magnus
Aaron Kelly
Casey James
Didi Benami
Lee Dewyze
Andrew Garcia
Katie Stevens
Tim Urban

Check in next week when Usher performs.