Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol --- Top 8 Guys

Tonight it was the guys turn and they were tough. The judges had good comments on all of them.

"Big Mike" Lynche ended the show with a teriffic redition of "This Women's Work."
Randy called it "dope", Ellen called it amazing, Kara was in tears, and Simon said it was the best to date. Check it out.

"This Women's Work"

Alex Lambert did a good job singing Ray Lemont's "Trouble."

Aaron bellowed Lone Stars "I'm Already There."

Tim Urban sang "Hallelujah," a good choice for his comeback.

Lee Dewyze gave a good opening with Adam Young's "Fireflys."

Andrew Garcia tackled Christina Aguilera's hit "Genie In A Bottle"
and did pretty good.

Casey James strummed while singing Keith Urban's "You'll Think Of Me" and again had Kara drooling.

And Todrick Hall put his dance moves into Queen's "Somebody To Love." Simon commented that Todrick's role should be on Broadway.

Now the bottom two are going to be a popularity contest since they were all pretty good, so I'll take a stab at Andrew Garcia and Todrick Hall, just a SWAG (Shitty Wild Ass Guess).

We'll see tomorrow night.