Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol Top 10 Result

Usher along with Will IM sang a duet which was ok but Usher's dancing was not good. Maybe it was the boots.
P Diddy performed a new sing that is now out on Itunes. It was full of energy and not bad.

Ok now to the contestants.
Well Teflon Tim is still in the contest. WHAT THE HELL!!! American you are crazy keeping this guy around. He should have been gone 4 weeks ago. O well.

Katie Stevens was in the bottom three and was put back in the competition by Ryan.
That left Didi Benami and Tim Urban.
Didi has been better then Tim almost every week yet the young girls who watch this program don't vote on singing ability but on looks. Sorry Didi you should have stayed.

See you next week.