Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol Top 4

Jamie Foxx mentored the final 4 Idol's who sang songs from the movies. Jamie stressed eye contact to feel the audience.
The show included duets by Crystal & Lee and then Casey with Big Mike.
Lee DeWyze opened with Seal's big hit "Kiss From A Rose." The judges were split on Lee's performance and song selection.

Big Mike Lynche left the Rhythm and Blues genre and sang a gospel song that Michael Jackson recorded, "Will You Be There." Randy thought Mike should have picked a R&B song and thought the performance was just ok. Ellen and Kara liked the song but Simon agreed with Randy.

Casey James, with a mini guitar, picked Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson." Randy jumped right in with "who you singing that to", while pointing to Kara. Ellen said it was just alright and passed to "Mrs Robinson"--Kara. Kara got all flustered with the comments by Randy and explained the song to Simon as a Older Woman falling for a Younger Man. Now Kara "the Cougar" has been gaga over Casey since about the second week and as you recall, Kara's husband showed up one week to check her reactions out. I'm convinced she has the "HOTS" for Casey and is definitely a "COUGAR." Simon was confused but didn't really like the performance.

Crystal Bowersox selected a Kenny Loggins song that is right for her called "I'm All Right." She had a very good arrangement and was accompanied by a great drummer playing on stage with her. Randy commented that Crystal is a real artist. Ellen said Crystal made the song better than the original Kenny Loggins song. Kara and Simon agreed.

Now for the duets. Crystal and Lee did a terrific job with "Fallin' Slowly" and Casey and Mike did a terrific job with "Have You Ever Loved A Women." All judges agreed that both duets were the best performances of the show.

Ok someone has to go home. I think Crystal and Lee are safe so that leaves Mike and Casey. HUM !! Mike has a good following and Casey has a lot of "COUGARS" so I'll take a stab that it will be Casey. But it really doesn't matter.

Tomorrow night on the results show, guest appearances by Daughtry, Fantasia and BON JOVI !! WOW !! Can't wait.