Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol Top 3 Results

The American Idol results show featured performances by the young Justin Bieber and the really talented new comer, Travis Garland. Travis' song and dance performance, "Believe" was TERRIFIC. This guy is GREAT!!!

It was nice that AT&T got their plugs in at all the Idol's homecomings.
So now I'll get my plug in. "THE ROCKIN' OLD MAN" was on the show too!!! Well maybe just a short glimace of him and his date in the crowd of 40,000+ at Lee's performance at Arlington Park Race track.

Ok on with the show. Casey James' homecoming was first. His visit to Millsap HS and his visit to the Hospital where doctor's and nurse's put Casey's Arm and Leg back together after a motorcycle accident when he was 21. The doctor's told him that he wouldn't be able to play the guitar again but Casey has probably been the best guitar player that ever appeared on Idol, he also was the oldest, at 27, to be in the top 24.

Crystal Bowersox was next with her hometown visit to Toledo. During her tour she got a chance to autograph a guy's chest. Crystal was presented with the Key To The City of Toledo by Mayor Michael Bell. Then a visit home to her Dad's house where she hugged her daughter and posed for a family picture. Then it was off to an event called "Bowerstock" at a local outdoor arena where she got to sing the song she wrote "Holy Toledo." The song has been adopted as Toledo's hometown song.

Lee DeWyze's Idol's homecoming saw Lee arriving in Chicago, going to a Cubs game and getting to throw out the first pitch. Then Lee had a parade through Mount Prospect and visited the Mt Prospect Paint Store where he was previously employed. A visit to his grade school, St. James, where he got to hug his first grade teacher as the school kids cheered.
A visit to his parent's house and then a trip to Arlington Park Race Track were over 40,000 fans cheered as Lee performed and although he was only going to sing 3 songs he ended up singing about 7 or 8 including Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer." What a great crowd ( check my earlier blog for video's).

Ok Ryan now announced the finalist. Lee was named first, and of course Crystal was named as his competitor for this year's AMERICAN IDOL.

While Casey James lost, Kara saw her boy thrill the fans with a final song, "Daughter's" and Casey picked up his sister and finished the song. Casey will have a good career after the American Idol's Tour ends. Great guitar player and a good looking dude.

Next week the showdown begins. Lee should win it all because he has matured to a quality performed. Crystal is very good also but second isn't bad either.